Re-created for Greatness: By Evangelist Francis Boafo [Book Review]

Re-Created for Greatness: The Quest for the Promised Glory is a great book by Francis Boafo that will open your eyes on over-zealousness of Religion. See more

Home and Family

Financial Freedon

Biblical Perspectives on Money.

Every Christian should have perspectives on money. Money, the issuance, use and handling of money in Christendom is one of the very sensitive topics that almost all Christians tends to shy away from. What are your Biblical perspectives on money?.


Love is your weapon. Fight for Love: by Todi Adu

Most of us have an erroneous conception of love as being cuddly mushy... no love is fierce. Remember the chivalrous knights of old they FOUGHT for Love... If it's worth it, why don't you go ahead and fight for Love?
Dance by Thomas Kelley

The effect of Music and Dance in African Culture and Religion

Culture and dance are very unique thing in Africa. How important is Culture to Us, and how do we preserve these cultures for our unborn children?
You need the Wisdom of God -

Men who exhibited the Wisdom of God

To Succeed in Life, you need the Wisdom of God. The Bible is filled with examples of some Men of Old, who exhibited the Wisdom of God. This shows that to go Higher in life, you need the Wisdom of God. Why don't you find out How can you go higher on your way to exhibiting the Wisdom of God?
Do you have Positive Courage? -

Positive Courage In Biblical Times

Positive courage takes our mind to those acts and ways of life of people that we ought to emulate. In Bible times, there are many men and women who showed Positive Courage. Do you have Positive Courage?
The 21st century Christianity and Incantations

Opinion: Making Caricature of Christianity in the 21st Century!

In today's 21st Century, Christianity has assumed different meanings. This Guest Post highlights some of the misconceptions and ills that are gradually drenching into the Christianity we have today.

Life Issues

When is the Best Time for a Relationship?

Best Time To Show Your True Feelings In A Relationship

Everyone has the Best Time in their lives. The best time to start a Relationship, and unfortunately, the Best Time to quit Relationships once it becomes toxic. But the best time to really show your feelings may be now or never. Find your Best time and utilise it well.
Want a Relationship with me? -

Help: My Sister’s killer wants a relationship with Me!

My Sister's husband has always wanted a Relationship with me. Please help me understand why? Why would he want a relationship with me while his wife is pregnant with his child and still lives in the same house? Why a relationship with your wife's sister?



Help: I am in love with my ex-husband

Dealing with an ex-husband can be tiresome, likewise, dealing with an ex-wife can be like trying to get a camel through the eye of a needle. But when you decide to fall in love with your ex-husband, one wonders why you made him an ex in the first place.