Everyone is born with a Vision in their Heart. Your Creator (God) has passed through a thoughtful process before deciding to create you, so you were not born by accident, but by a careful plan and craftiness put to work.

You are created in the Image and likeness of the Almighty, thus He has given you a chance to unfold the plans and purposes for which you were/are created.


Everyone is destined to fulfil their Vision in Life. “Every destiny is signed and sealed, but not every destiny would be delivered.”

Every human being that God has created is Unique. Our uniqueness is for a purpose. Many have for long, tried to find out what really differentiate one human being from another, and what makes us unique from other creatures on Earth.

At VisionHub, Our job is to help you discover these Visions that God has put in you, and channel you to the right direction towards achieving them.


How do we plan to do so?

The five (5) Virgins had extra oil with them. – They had a PLAN for the FUTURE!

In order to help you realise your Dreams, and achieve your vision in Life, we at VisionHub will help remind you of the importance of making provision for your extra oil, because the journey of life is FAR.


If you want to have all your heart desires in life, God said you should be a WATCHMAN.


  • He that stays awake while others sleep.
  • He that does not depend his life on LUCK.

God is constantly encouraging us to be Watchful. and always remember your EXTRA OIL

  •  The Blood of Jesus.
  • The Word of God.

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God Bless you.