Before you have SEX, Think Abortion.

Think abortion before sex
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Our Actions and choices have consequences, so before you have sex, think Abortion. If People think Abortion before having sex, maybe lives may be saved. Do you agree?

Here, we would be looking at various things, including the Rights of a Woman to her body; Alternatives to Abortion; if when we think about abortion before sex, it would save lives.

This is a response to a beautiful and well-written Essay by Ngozi Chukwuewuzie, titled – Irish Abortion Referendum: Women’s lives matters.

BUT if we all respond with the same enthusiasm and craft as displayed on this Article, tempers will flay and may derail Our reasons for being here. But let me go through this angle and maybe chip in little to the discussion.

Abortion can/will NEVER solve Relationship Problems. (If it were so, many people who have had abortions would NEVER return to coitus Relationships again).

Let us not compound issues on terminations DUE to the safety of the Mother or Baby and compare it to terminations due to Relationship breakdown or the free-will of the Woman.

Unfortunately, nature has decided to endow ONLY the woman with the chance to extend humanity by giving her the features that can never be bought or designed by man.

This we appreciate because without a woman, life would have been terminated and many Clinical mutations would fill the World. (if at all we don’t have mutants leading the World – I digress).

Why Think Abortion after Sex?

Now let’s bear in mind that Relationships are COMPLEX on its own, not to talk of when it involves sexual intercourse and the Holy or unholy commandeering of the penis in Virginia.

Of which the eminent consequences would either be stimulation of the brain resulting to Love or hate, pregnancy (wanted and unwanted), variations of STD and STIs etc.

Making it seem like every time relationships break down and the man walks away; or when some men/boys run away from their women, its entirely the fault of the man is, like saying Apples fall and should only fall from mango trees.

Many men suffer Emotional/Domestic Abuse. So because they do not speak out does not mean that it doesn’t happen.

Many abortions are as a result of what is deemed controllable by both men and women; but as far as we continue to find excuses and not think deeply on how to resolve relationship issues, the cycle would continue.

Think Abortion: A Woman’s Right to her Body

A woman has the fundamental Rights to her body. The man also has Rights to his body, and an unborn child also has the Rights to see the daylight and live.

But in a Society where selflessness has been relegated to the background, accountability becomes low and people must all find what, how, why and who to lay blames on.

Our Parents and the many Parents from the Generation we all came out from found ways to deal with their relationship issues, if they had taken to abortion on every issue they had, none of us would be here today discussing.

Are there alternatives to Think Abortion?

Are there alternatives to Abortion? – Yes. But am afraid the media will never project that.

Maybe if men and women are taught to Think  Abortion before flipping the zips open; unhooking the bras in the speed of light; and laying each other in the altar of satisfying/non-satisfying sexual intercourse; then hopefully it will reduce the choices we would make afterward.

I am happy that the Article mentioned that it takes two people to make a baby, and am assuming it should also not take just one out of the party to terminate the creation.

It must be understood that the moment a woman gets pregnant, a process of mixed feelings, emotional expletives starts from within her. This, unfortunately, does not only occur in women. The men also have a fair share of all the psychological and emotional rollercoaster.

From the moment a man hears of the pregnancy; if he is not prepared, he is lost in a circle of a “psychomedaralitic” path. This may lead him to stick by or bail. This stick-by or bail phenomena also occur in women.

Just Think Abortion before sex.

From the day pregnancy is confirmed, there are many changes that occur in women. From the change in the choice of words; attitude to things etc, that even most experienced men find hard to decipher.

Many of these communicable and non-communicable changes may or may not be contributory to the decision to terminate a baby.

The fact that children tend to kill their mothers (as the article puts it) because of perceived frustration and negligence while growing is a mere imaginative distortion of historical occurrences.

History has it that there are many children brought up by GREAT mothers (be it single or married); who would go any length to project, protect and idolize their mothers. And such children were part of the ones seeking for a NO or YES Vote in the 8th Amendment – Irish Abortion Referendum.

It takes more than one person to train a child. Passing the bulk will never solve these Societal issues.

Whether you believe in a God or not, let us remember that every Action has consequences.

Before you have sex, Think Abortion; maybe it will reduce the thoughts to kill innocent babies afterward.

This is a response to a beautiful and well-written Essay by Ngozi Chukwuewuzie, titled – Irish Abortion Referendum: Women’s lives matters.

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