Help! Can I marry my Mother’s Boyfriend?

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Boyfriend issues are some of the things that give many people sleepless nights.

When you hear someone throw in a question regarding her sanity and a call for help, it’s either they are shouting for help or they are trying to pass on a message. So here we have this weird-looking shout for help, and would love to get your input on it.

The call is for, Help! I am in Love with My Mother’s Boyfriend or simply put Help! Can I marry my Mother’s Boyfriend?

A 29 years old girl is in search of Help to convince herself that she could marry her Mother’s Boyfriend.

Crazy you may shout, but hey, this is reality and what is really going on in today’s society.

Many funny things are happening and if one is not careful, you will end up becoming crazy as you try to find any rationale behind the crazy attitudes.

Marry your Mother’s Boyfriend? Never heard of!

In her words, “My mother has a boyfriend, who is 36 years while my mother is 54 years, I Am 29 years old. My father is late since 6 years ago.

For the first time my mother introduced us both, l fell for him. He sleeps in my mother’s room but he keeps telling me he is in love with me.

I secretly told my mother and she said l should go ahead but am not so confident about that. If l marry him, he will still be sleeping with my mother. Although he promised me to stop seeing my mother after our marriage but l honestly find that impossible.

‘Please what do I do? Should I go ahead and marry my mother’s boyfriend regardless?”

Yes in my mind I have already written this young 29 year old girl off. Simply because it is a crazy idea for her mother to be keeping a boyfriend and to make matters worse, to even bring the so-called boyfriend into the house to be sleeping with her on her bed.

Old fashioned thoughts ehh? well thats what I am guessing an average person would be thinking, but these days, it’s the norm.

But then, the woman in question is a human being, and has needs that should be cared for, because according to her daughter, her husband is late and she is much free to remarry.

  • So why hasn’t she remarried?
  • Why keep a boyfriend instead of marrying?
  • What is she trying to teach her children?
  • What would be the fate of her children?
  • Will they be abused by this young man?

Well naturally, many questions would arise from this, but the most of all is the emotional abuse that the daughter must have been gotten from this young man.

This is very evident in her present situation. The young man had the nerves to approach the girl and ask her hand in marriage.

So many people may not see anything fishy in this kind of relationship. Some may even go to the extent of saying that she found LOVE, what is wrong in that.

Well, she found LOVE in the wrong place – in her mother’s bosom and the mother’s fling. The young man may have taken the advantage of seeing her mother’s nakedness to try his tricks on the daughter, and it is not even worth explaining.

Now my question or rather her question is now clear: Please what do I do? Should I go ahead and marry my mother’s boyfriend regardless? And I would love your input in this.

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  1. Seems like the young man is really taking advantage of his position as a young "happening guy" to confuse both mother and daughter.

    The Mother has already shown how confused she is by giving her daughter the go-ahead to marry her boyfriend.

    This clearly shows that the mother is not ready to leave or lose the young man, instead she is ready to SHARE him with her daughter.

    This is a recipe for DISASTER and must not be allowed to continue. The earlier her daughter gets this into her heart, the earlier she heals herself of an impending heart attack.

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