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Are you looking for how to get the Best out of Family and Parenting? Do not worry, you are in the Best Place. Family and Parenting Skills are quite easy to learn. The Family is the bedrock of all Relationships. Get the Family right, and you will enjoy a long-lasting relationship. Join us here for news, views and more on Family and Parenting. Are you ready?

Dangers of Cheating in Marriage - Visionhub.org

Cheating in Marriage, who cheat most: Men or Women?

What is Cheating? Why do people cheat in Marriage or Relationships? Are there any after-effects of Cheating in marriage? Can one prevent cheating in marriage? What's your take on this?
Is Polygamy acceptable in Christianity?

Is Polygamy Barbaric or Acceptable way of Life?

Polygamy is as old as this World because it has been in existence from time immemorial. Polygamy is the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. Is Polygamy acceptable in Christianity?
Why would you beat your wife? - Visionhub.org

99 Reasons Why you should Beat your wife

Why would you beat your wife? What should warrant you to get to the extent of beating your wife? What is the sweetness of marriage if you beat your wife constantly? Does beating your wife makes you feel like a man? Now listen carefully.
The effects

Family Affairs/Effects: Should a Christian use Viagra?

Viagra can help correct dysfunction in men, the effects can also be deadly and aid in destruction of a home if misused. Then, we ask, should a Christian use Viagra?
Wives Submit

Wives Submit To Your Husbands Or Face The Consequences

Submission to your husband does not in any way diminish you as a woman, but show your level of understanding of what marriage should be. Must Wives Submit?
Man of wisdom

Are You a MAN Who Needs a Hand? Help is here.

Are you a man frustrated beyond measures? Are you a man going though a Low? No matter the situation you are in now, something can be done. Find HELP Here!

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True Marriage is based on Happiness from within.

Happiness is one of the ingredients of true Marriage. Happiness is a State of mind that comes from within. It is not magical nor wishful thinking. Happiness is cultivated, nurtured and bears fruits. So what brings happiness to marriages? What can you consider as a true Marriage?