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Dating and Singleness

A place for all Singles: Fit, Available, Active and Dating. Feel free to give dating tips and advices, and express your “Singleism”

CHURCHeous Men: Na Juju Dem Do Una?

Some people would just be forming Churcheous Brother. Which one be say we must pray before we touch something, and pray again after we don chop clean mouth? Churcheous Boys and Men, na juju dem do una?
Man Politeness and Religion

Rules of Engagement: Can a Man give a Gift For Nothing in return?

Can a Man ever give a gift to a woman without requesting for anything in return? I am guessing the answer as you, but lets hear your comment against the Man
Valentine's Day

How To Make The Valentine’s Day Worth The While

No matter what happens and how you view Love and Valentine's day, Valentine's day is here, things will go normal and abnormal. Some people will fight for Love, some will Win, while some will die while fighting for what they believe is Love, and the day will surely end.

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Teaching people to Speak in Tongues is ungodly.

Teaching someone to Speak in Tongues is ungodly. There is no Theological rigmarole on this. It is an act of wickedness and devilish behaviour to trick people to speak in Tongues. What does the Bible say about tongues? Can speaking in tongues be faked? How Important Is Speaking in Tongues to the Church? Let's Find Out