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Wives and Mothers

Dear Wives and Mothers, we love you. We know you work so hard to keep the Home intact.
  • Your children appreciate all the works you do at home and in our lives without pay. Lol.
We wish that sometimes, you can just take a break and do some wives and mothers Instagram, or even enjoy some Facebooking.

Roles of Wives and Mothers

While We search everywhere to know if we can get definite descriptions of the responsibilities of a wife and mother, we would like to know if there are any roles of a mother in the family.
  • This nearly made us draw a wife duties list, but this does not in any way hinder role of a wife in a man's life or the roles of a mother according to the bible.

Biblical Roles of Wives and Mothers

To maintain the role of a mother according to the bible, its good to look into bible studies for married couples to do together and a couple's guide to a growing marriage.
  • You may also try some free bible studies for married couples to do together.

Wives and Mothers Devotional Guide

  • As a devoted Christian Mother, we know you enjoy being a godly wife and mother.
Do you like to read devotionals for wives and mothers or husband and wife daily devotional books, because there is unity in studying together? We wish we can develop a wife devotional App, that would cater to you All.

Restoration of hurting Wives and Mothers

We know that many wives and mothers are hurting. We pray daily for restoring a marriage after separation, and that God would make marriage restoration after a divorce a compulsory.
  • Someday, we would write Articles on daily devotional for troubled marriage or marriage in crisis devotionals, because we hope for marriage restoration and teach how to restore your marriage and fall in love again.
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