God told me to tell you..

God told me to tell You to Grow some Brain Cells

Do you want to know what God told me to tell you? Well, come over and see what God told Ademola Adigun to tell you. Are you still contemplating? Click here.
Enemy within

The biggest Enemy mitigating against Your Success is You

The biggest Enemy mitigating against Your Success is You. Yes think about it. No one succeeds by looking outwards. Why in any case do ancestors only have curses? Think Think...

Religion as an Insurance Policy

Religion as an Insurance Policy. Many are religious from the fear factor. The books of all religions that I have read promote fear as a factor for belief. Why is this so?
Twitter Party with Sandi Krakowski

LIVE Twitter Party With Sandi Krakowski

Join the flow and enjoy the LIVE Twitter Party with Sandi Krakowski. Share the tips and the moments with Sandi Krakowski. Enjoy Some Twitter Party Words of Wisdom from Sandi Krakowski. Sandi Krakowski is one of the World's Top Social Media Influencers: Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer, Spiritual Influencer

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Teen Pregnancy: Why your Teenager needs Sex

Child pregnancy, Teen pregnancy, Adolescent pregnancy have been on the increase in our Society today. Yes, Teenagers and young Adults undergo changes physically, psychologically and otherwise. Are these changes driving them to want to experiment with sex, alcohol and other abuse? Someone says yes. what do you say?