Help, I slept with my Sister’s Husband on Valentine’s Day

Words from a sister

The story you are about to read is about a 26-year old Girl, who was insatiable with the help her  32-year old sister renders to her and decided to go further by having unprotected sex with her 38-year old sister’s husband in order for him to help her.

This story is touching, and brings out lots of questions that young people must learn from. This story is as seen on the Facebook page of Cynthia Uju Raphael, one Relationship Guru that I have come to admire. Please relax and enjoy, and add your comment at the end of your reading.

“I have really messed up my life and ruined my sister’s marriage. I am in school, 3rd year in the university. My sister married when I was about entering school. Her marriage is 3 years now.

The husband looks at me and passes advances at me. Sometimes when I ask my sister for money, she will refuse giving me the money and just give me transport money and N5000 for feeding for a whole month. She sometimes give me her used weavons to be fixing which wouldn’t last for me.

Family Background

I have two junior brothers who live with my mother, one is doing apprenticeship and one is in secondary school. My mother sells a mini provision store.

Beginning of the Romp with her Brother in-law

When my sister’s husband started making advances towards me, I refused but I could barely feed in school. Sometimes when projects come up, I find it hard to raise money for myself and meet up. So I came back to the house this February and stayed for the weekend, because her house is a bit far from my school, so I chose to live in the hostel.

Going back, my sister gave me her used clothes and just transport fare, I told her about my hand out money, but she said she doesn’t have money, it shocked me.

But that Saturday she went to stuff shopping for] the house. I left her house and called her husband to help me out with some money, so he said, let’s see and talk about it. He came to my school and we went to a fast food and he promised to give it to me tomorrow being 14th [February].

The BLAME Game

My sister is heavily pregnant, so when he got to my school around 3pm, we left for a drinking place and when it was getting dark, I told him I want to go, he said no, that I will follow him to the car to get the money, we got to the car, he said I should come to the back, because he went straight to the back, when I opened the door and entered, he started touching me and we ended up having sex without condom. He gave me double the money and pocket money as well.

I woke up this morning, staring at the money looks so disgusting to me, I can’t even touch it. I don’t even know what to say, how can I face my sister, what have I done?

Can I really come out of this mess? I am in school but can’t go to lectures, what can l do?

My Take on This:

It would be VERY easy for me to condemn you – the 26 Year old Poster, It is extra easy for me to call the 36-year old husband of your sister some unprintable names. It is also very very very easy for me to say that your 32-year of Sister is blind and (name it), but first I must understand the situation on ground and try to think of the reasons why such issues degenerated to the Sex-without-Condom affairs.

All I could see from your narratives is a young Girl who has absorbed HERSELF of all the Blames and Pushed it to her Sister who is at present, undergoing some hormonal changes of being Pregnant and with her senses.

Your Sister brought you into her home, and you have felt too at-home to the point that you started “noticing” the advances of her husband.

Does this mean that her husband did not cut you some eye, or pinch you on the butt as the case maybe? Nope, but you allowed the eye batting and “touchriment” to continue, because you felt that this might be a game changer for you at some point.

You have stated very clearly that your sister always gives you mere transport fares and a paltry sum of N5000 for your upkeep throughout the month, and even went as far as saying that she gives you her used weave-on that does not EVEN sustain your make-believe hair.

On the balance of probability, I am guessing you are a bit ungrateful that your sister offered a helping hand by starving her family to help her sister. Most people would have deduced your attitude which is extra ungrateful-like and which says it’s your duty to care for me despite the fact that you now have a family of your own.

What stops you from going home to your mother on those occasions and helping her with her “little” Provision shop, using your knowledge as an undergraduate, you would have added some flare to your mother’s business, and increase her sales, thereby increasing the take-home for the family, instead you chose to go to your sister and see if the husband would look at you the same way he did the last time you were there.

To your precious Brother in-law, should I start blaming you for being insatiable with what you have at home? Ok, let me call you a Stupid Man! Would that suit you and everyone who is waiting to unleash their mind on you?

Firstly you must have known that any mistake in chopping your wife’s sister will cause trouble either now or in the future. YES I accuse you that you know it, so no need of you denying the fact. You have touched the beehive, and soon the bees will feast on you.

You even went to the extent of talking her out to an eatery and playing the “Come to the back of the car game” and she, full of enthusiasm of tasting your manhood, fell for it. (As if she has not been dreaming of it since, and waiting for you to make a move).

Now let me ask you this. You have taking a whole day to perfect your line, why didn’t you at least have the decency of buying a condom and leaving it in the car, because you know quite alright that the gullibility of your sister-in-law will surly make her follow you to the back of the car and you are going to EAT her RAW that night.

Feeling Dirty after the Job is no excuse

So the excuse given by her that she is feeling dirty now, does not add up. She had the chance to say NO and turn back. She had the chance to stand in a well-lit place and say “please send the money to my account, or take a friend with her as a shadow. She had the chance to not TASE your manhood, but she was extra gullible to follow and maybe urged you on.

To her Pregnant Sister

I pray that you do not go into an early labour because of this betrayal. Next time, learn to read signs. You must have noticed that your sister was becoming excessively RUDE to you at some point. Yes that’s when she started ogling your husband, or probably when she had touched the frame of your husband’s manic manhood, and noticed that she could easily enjoy what you have been enjoying.

I pray that your sister does not one day come back to tell you that she is pregnant with your husband’s baby.

Now over to you, what do you think of the three humans as described by the main story?

Written by Loveday Anyim
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