How To Keep Your Marriage Spiced Up!

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Marriage is one of the success stories that every matured man and woman wants to be able to tell.

Preparing for your Marriage is a big step and it comes with lots of commitments and other unspoken kinds of stuff. Getting married is another big step which will definitely impact you and your spouse significantly in many areas of your lives.

Therefore as you prepare for your marriage or once you are sure its time to get hitched, it’s important you realise that your life will not remain the same as it was when you were still single.

As we go through life, We should take a moment and reflect on certain things that can keep us away from harm and also make us realise that Our families should be a topmost priority for us.

What does your Marriage Worth?

  • After you are married and all the marriage stuff are done and dusted, what next?
  • How do you keep your marriage spiced up?
  • Do you always try to show your man, husband that you are the boss?
  • Do you always like to create chaos and troubles where there are none?
  • How do you manage your overzealousness in the affairs of your home?
  • How do you manage the peace and tranquillity of your home?
  • How do you make your husband feel like a King in his home?
  • How do you make your wife feel like a Queen in her home?

What role do you play in your marriage?

As a Woman, do you ever think that a peaceful home will bring out the loveliness of your husband or man?

Its time we take a look at our attitudes as women and make sure we learn the ways to gain entrance into the minds, hearts and pockets of our Men.

You have your role to play to make sure your home is as peaceful as it should be.

Please watch this video and make sure you pick out one or two things to learn, and also hopefully, God will give you the wisdom to make amends where it is needed in your home.

As a believer, there is nothing you can do on your own until you are ready to let God take control of your thoughts and affairs. Also, Pray for the Wisdom of God to guide and guard you in your marriage. But the bottom line should be your commitment to God and each other.

 Let’s have your candid opinion(s).

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  1. The environment or atmosphere you create in your home is a huge determinant factor of how happy or stressed up you may be in your home.

    it's not about the house furniture at home or how gigantic or well furnished your home is, but abut the environment that you create at home.

    You as a mother or wife or woman hold a vital KEY to determining how peaceful your home should be.

  2. A Man just wants a Woman who will make his life less complicated.

    A woman who will make his HOUSE a place to be called HOME.
    A HOME to come back to after the hard day's work.

    Dear Women, it is better to be happy than to be RIGHT all the Time.
    When a MART man realises that you are right, he will surly come back to you and apologise. But don't make him look like a jerk in the presence of his peers.

    Please pick your moments, learn from your man's moods.

    Dear Men, if you need your HOUSE to be transformed into a HOME, Man Up and give ya woman a break.

    Very Lovely Video that you must watch. It has lots to teach you as well.

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