If this was my last Synchroblog Post, I will be Unhappy to let go

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The announcement for the October Synchroblog Theme came as a bundle of joy, after missing Synchroblog for the Month of August. But then it kind of turned sour when I read that this message would be the LAST Synchroblog Theme.

Yes I miss and would miss this monthly gathering of like minds, pulling resources together to present great Articles with one theme in mind.

Synchroblog has been a blessing to me. It has helped shaped my thoughts and has also widen my reach of participating in group blogging.

What is Synchroblog?

Synchroblog “is a home-grown group of bloggers who like to write on topics of post-modern faith & life and have the chance to interact and intersect with other bloggers considering the same topics. This group is open to anyone who is interested in being part.  We value respectful conversation and dialogue and honor our differences. We share links & try to learn from each other.”

Synchroblog Group opened its doors with its first Group theme in April 2008. It has been great pulling great minds together since then.
I have become drawn to this group after joining with my first Synchroblog post “Courage – The Act To The Miraculous” In June 2013. So it was so sad to receive the notification that October 2015 would be the last Synchroblog.

It breaks my heart to hear that my favourite Group is closing down. I wish I can ask why, how and when, but then, the blessings, connections etc. that Synchroblog has brought into my life are overwhelming and all I can muster up and say is that “I wish all the members of the Team and the participating Blogs the best”.

My Synchroblog contributions.

I have tried to put together some of the topics that I have been lucky enough to write and contribute to. It is amazing how time flies, but I am so grateful for putting my pen to paper and also enjoyed all the posts from other contributors.

I do hope that you can find time and read through this list.

  1. Courage – The Act To The Miraculous
  2. The Positive Courage of Jesus Christ
  3. Positive Courage In Biblical Times
  4. Satan, The Prank That Never Worked
  5. Satan’s Prank On Man
  6. When God pulls your strings : A Story of Faith
  7. Home is where the Heart belongs!
  8. New Year New Resolutions
  9. The New Year Resolution Dreamers
  10. The New Year Resolution Specialists
  11. The New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers
  12. What does it mean to Love Our Enemies
  13. Love is your weapon. Fight for Love
  14. I will NEVER love my Enemy!
  15. Spring Forth Ideas that Speaks New Life
  16. Inspired by the Spring to Create a New Life
  17. The “non-Gospelized Rituals” of Pentecostalism
  18. Bridging the Divides and Split in the Church
  19. Why the Hell do you Believe in Hell?
  20. Hot Romance with the Dreams of the Sparkling Old Times
  21. Why Get Connected to God when He can’t be there for Me?
  22. The Dangers of Racism and Violence on the Society
  23. My Mental Health is Your Business.
  24. Stop Right here and Renew Your Mind!
  25. What I Don’t Appreciate About Your Religion!!
  26. Is Christian Hospitality a Dead Way of Life?
  27. The Death of Modern Christian Hospitality.
  28. What is the purpose of Christian Hospitality?
  29. Gay Marriage in Africa, USA and the World
  30. If this was my last Synchroblog Post, I will be Unhappy to let go

Other synchrobloggers I have come to Love

I have met some wonderful people through Synchroblog. I would also say that it has been great knowing, reading their articles and following these Blogs in their journey of faith and wisdom. I would urge you all to also visit their blogs and draw from their rivers of wisdom.

PS: if your blog is not listed here, please leave a comment below and I will add it.

To you my wonderful site visitor, you have been my rock, you have been the reason why I blog and have kept this blog going. Your constant visit to my site is appreciated.
This may be my last Synchroblog, BUT this blog will continue to flourish with posts and Topics flowing with wisdom and understanding. I wish to therefore plead with you to please always come around and read, comment and share what we have here with your friends.

If you know other Groups like Synchroblog, please kindly leave a message on the comment box.
This post – If this was my last Synchroblog Post, I will be Unhappy to let go!! is written as part of the October 2015 SynchroBlog: “Our final Synchroblog: “If this was my last blog post, here’s what I would say…””, an invitation to participating bloggers to imagine what they would want to say if they were writing their very last blog post.

A full list of participating blogs/websites for this month could be seen below:

  1. K.W. Leslie – Synchrobloggery
  2. Glenn Hager – Parting Shot
  3. Clara Mbamalu – What is love?
  4. Carol Kuniholm – A Final Synchroblog
  5. Peggy Brown – Abi and The Last Synchroblog
  6. Leah Sophia – Synchroblog: Creation One More Time
  7. Jeremy Myers – If this were my only blog post, I would invite you to do one thing
  8. J. A. Carter – Last Words
  9. Tony Ijeh – Sharing Jesus
  10. Liz Dyer – Last words about love

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