Is Christian Hospitality a Dead Way of Life?

Christian Hospitality
Christian Hospitality (a Synchroblog)
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Each and every day, we see the Christian Hospitality culture dwindling and almost going into extinction.

People are busy stacking up riches, wealth, and knowledge for themselves, all in the name of being in the forefront of the Christian Hospitality, and making a kingdom for themselves rather than upholding the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 10:9-10).

In their quest for richness of self, people have forgotten what it means to show love. God is Love and all that must come to Him MUST show Love, and God commands that we show Hospitality to people who come our way (Leviticus 19:33-34).

The Month of Hospitality

In this Month’s Synchroblog, we would be looking into how we have come to live in a World that derails in its show of love to one another, and also look at those things that have made many Christians to leave or derail from imitating Jesus Christ as the sacrament of God’s hospitality to the world.

We may also take a look at some questions which may inspire your thoughts or help you really shed some lights on what hospitality means and what has gone wrong in the application of Christian hospitality etc. (Acts 2:44-45; 28:7).

Some of the question that calls to mind are:

  • Is Christian Hospitality a Dead Way of Life?
  • Is hospitality an essential element of imitating Christ?
  • Is Christian hospitality a lost art?
  • What would it look like if hospitality was a way of life?
  • How does “true hospitality” compare to “modern day entertaining”?
  • Can hospitality really make a difference?
  • What is the purpose of hospitality?
  • Are Christians of today still known for their hospitality?

While we may not have all the answers to these questions and many more that has been stirred in your heart. It is important to understand that Jesus Christ whom we as Christians follow His footsteps dedicated His life to serving others and making sure that He treated all with equal respect. But what do we have today in the Church and around Christians? Just like you, I am still waiting on that answers.

As we keep waiting, lets take:

A Look at Christian Hospitality

What are you doing as a person to show the Christian Hospitality? Or if you are not a Christian, what are you doing as a person to show Hospitality, compassion towards fellow human? The choice of answer you give is up to you (1 Peter 4:9).

This post – Is Christian Hospitality a Dead Way of Life? is written as part of the June 2015 Synchroblog:  Hospitality >> illustrating why Christians are called to imitate Jesus by being sacraments of God’s hospitality in the world.

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