Is Polygamy Barbaric or Acceptable way of Life?

Is Polygamy acceptable in Christianity?
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Polygamy is as old as this World because it has been in existence from time immemorial. Polygamy is the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time.

This type of marriage or Union is not accepted in Christian Religion but other Religion accept it as a norm.

In the Christian Religion, when a man or woman has more than one spouse, he/she would be denied of certain rights; which is why the Bible specifically made it clear that “for this reason, a man will cling unto his wife” (singular not plural).

As weird as it may look or seem, Polygamy has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some people will ask “what advantages would ever come out of Polygamy”, but as we progress we will be able to look into the possible advantages and disadvantages of Polygamy.

Advantages of Polygamy.

  • Polygamy offers the husband more prestige: Men who are into polygamous unions should have more than enough income to support his wives and children, this means they would have economic stability and a good reputation in the community. He will also have more options when it comes to sexual companionship, which makes him the envy of his peers.
  • Polygamy provides better support system: Because polygamous families will have more wives and more children, members will always have someone to talk to. They will have a shoulder to cry on, someone who they can relate to and a confidant. This eliminates the risk of depression among the members, especially the children.
  • Polygamy has an abundance of love: Because all spouses will have consent, then there are no extra-marital affairs to hide from your partner. This reduces adultery to a non-issue and prevents the temptation of cheating on your spouse.
  • Polygamy guarantees financial stability: Wives and grown children can earn money by working outside the house. The household will then have more income, which can be shared by everyone.

Disadvantages of Polygamy

  • Polygamy can be the cause of abuse of powerIn many households, the man is always the head of the family. He has the power to make the necessary decisions in the household. This can be a cause for abuse of power. The man might think that he can be unfair to his wives just because they have consented to the relationship.
  • Polygamy breeds jealousyJealousy can naturally occur in any household, which could be magnified in a house with more than one wife. This can affect the entire clan, causing misunderstandings and other problems that can make a house chaotic. Favoritism among your children can also cause jealousy and emotional distress.
  • Polygamy could prevent a person from spending quality time: If a polygamous marriage has lots of children, the head of the household might not have enough time to spend with them. Of course, bonding with each of your kids is important to keep a healthy relationship with them. But if you have lots of children, you might not be able to spend a long time to be with each of them. This can also cause problems in the long run, especially when it comes to the younger ones’ emotional development.
  • Polygamy can lead to abuseWomen may feel powerless in this type of union, while men act like they are in control of everything. This leads the wives becoming more submissive to their husband fearing that they might be replaced with a new wife.
  • Polygamy can make women feel neglected: In this type of union, the husband will need to fulfil his responsibilities to each wife. One of the wives could the get hurt, especially when the man in the house brings in a new wife.
  • Polygamy affects the children most: Kids may find it difficult to grasp why their family is different from other families. Other children might tease them for having more than one mother in their house.

Dangers of Polygamy

Polygamy can encourage the idea that women are considered objects that men can own.

I still believe that there are reasons why people go into polygamy. These may include:

  • To help to reduce the number of unmarried women in the society.
  • Teaches a man how to be patient.
  • Maybe part of their culture.
  • The scarcity of men.
  • Wealth.

The question now is can Polygamy be stopped? Please answer that.

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