Judas Iscariot the best Disciple of Jesus Christ

Judas Iscariot
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Judas IscariotAll that Judas Iscariot had to do was to pray like Jabez, and you would never have had mouth to say that Jesus is Lord.

Judas Iscariot would have prayed God to change his destiny, and Jesus would have been stuck in this World.

Judas Iscariot was very much instrumental to the salvation that you and I are enjoying today as Christians and followers of Christ.

What would have become of our Salvation if there was no Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus Christ and initiate the process of the Death and resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Why did God chose Judas Iscariot for the role?

Many a times, you must have asked yourself these questions regarding Judas Iscariot in relation to the role he played in the arrest, killing, death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • Why did God even chose Judas Iscariot to be the one to betray Jesus Christ?
  • Why didn’t God see other Disciple and use them.
  • Why didn’t Judas Iscariot who has been told times without number that he is going to betray his master pull out of the ‘game’?
  • Why couldn’t Judas Iscariot recognise that his destiny was to betray the Son of God?
  • What if Judas Iscariot has been “sharp enough” to see the impending danger in the role that he ‘was forced’ to play in the life and time of Jesus Christ?
  • Why didn’t Judas Iscariot recognise the fact that his life was going to be used in examples of betrayers?

Was Judas Iscariot faced with his future?

Often time, we are faced with decisions that does not originate from our minds. Judas Iscariot would have gotten out of the ‘chains’ that had marred his life and destiny by just going through the scrolls of the prophets and people of old and learn about men of the old that prayed and changed their destinies for good.

All he needed to do was to pray that God will change his destiny and make him a better person, and all that you and I are doing today would have never occurred in the first place.

So instead of seeing Judas Iscariot in a wrong light, I guess we owe it to him for not truncating our salvation in Christ.

Today we are being taught to pray like Jabez did, and hound God to change our destinies. What if God has destined us to be who we are and we do not need to truncate or disrupt the will of God?

Judas Iscariot had the right of Access too.

Does it then mean that we do not have the right to approach God and tell him what we need, since we are His children and have greater access to Him at all times?

Judas Iscariot had this rights too. He was very close to Jesus. He would have asked the Master directly. What really happened?

No we should always ask God to do His will in our lives. If His will is to make us rich or have wealth (which makes up 99.9% of most prayers these days) we do not have to cry to Him to make us rich.

He has already planned and placed us where He wants us to be, all He asks of us is to recognise that He is God and follow the path that He has laid for us.

Until you recognise the power you have for having a direct access to God through Christ Jesus, you will never know how to approach God with your requests.

Remember that Judas Iscariot was never a bad disciple. He was never found wanted, except that he betrayed Jesus (which according to the Bible, was foretold). So he was wrapped up in a destined cocoon, waiting for the day he will perform his own act on earth.

Do you still want God to change your destiny and make you rich and famous? What if God has predestined you to be the instrument that He has chosen to end the World with?

Will you be ready to shoulder such a massive responsibility to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ or would you be willing to pray and fast and ask God to change your destiny and make you rich, wealthy, famous, a fire carrying Christian, a tongue-speaking-fire-brand praise worshiper, who prays and worships until the power of God comes down?

Think about it today. What have you used your access to God to do? Have you been using it to only ask for a change in your destiny or using it wisely to ask for the will of God to be done in your life?

Jesus said: “…… Not my will but yours O’Lord!” What is your story today?

Listen even if you want to ask for the will of God, and are so much ready to carry the destiny that He has shouldered upon you and have not received and confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour, you can’t have access because you do not yet belong to the Group that are being granted direct access to God.

It is never too late, you can still receive Christ into your life today and wait for His WILL to be done in Your life. Amen.

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  1. All that Judas had to do was to pray like Jabez, and the rest they say would have been History!

    Please read more on the Role of Judas Iscariot on the salvation of EVERYONE who calls him/herself a Christian.

    Every Christian and whoever professes Christ needs to understand that it is ONLY God that determines our Destiny. If God wants to use us to accomplish His works, we should be willing and obedient to be submissive at all times.

    If you have a contrary opinion, lets have them.

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