Men Respect Yourselves For The Sake Of Your Man Child

Men Respect thyselves

Does it matter if Men respect themselves or not? Should a Man be made to account for his actions in his own home? How is a man expected to act in his home? Does what a man do really affect how he is seen in his home? Must Men respect themselves in the presence of their children?

Well, a man is an essential part of God’s thoughts. Men are created to represent God on earth, thus Men must as a matter of fact, respect themselves at all times, for God is Holy.

The Bible tells us that God said “Let us make man in Our own image….” Genesis 1:26. This means that God was conscious when He was advocating for, and making man.

No wonder the Bible also tells us that Man is the head of the home, even as Christ is the Head of the Church, and that man should love his wife (and children) even as Christ loves the Church. Ephesians 5:23 (Paraphrased).

We can also see that before admonishing for men to love their wives, it is written in the Bible that “wives submit to your husbands.….” Ephesians 5:22-23.

Many have misread and misinterpreted this as meaning that wives should give everything they have to their husbands and their husbands would now Lord over them.

Others have also opined that the husband has the care to love his wife even if she submits or not, after all, Jesus loves the Church and He died for our sins.

Well, Jesus loves everyone, so we should also tell all husbands to go about loving or otherwise all women just to show that they are fulfilling all righteousness.

But wait a minute, despite the fact that Jesus loves All (The Church) the Bible says that “to them that received Him, He gave power to become sons and daughters of God….” John 1:12

So there is a distinguishing of the Love and as “….not everyone who call Him ‘Father’ can/will enter into the Kingdom of God..”, (Matthew 7:21) likewise, a man cannot and must not go about showing every woman the same kind and manner of Love he MUST show his wife.

Must Men Respect themselves?

So what business has this got to do with admonishing men to respect themselves because of their Man child?

The thing is that as a matter of fact, the man is seen by God and the Society as a pillar of the family (yes many of you high-class Society women may not agree (at least outside your Home) but deep inside your heart, you’ll Agree that a home that has a Man as its head is seen as being more secured than a home where the man has abandoned his duties, or has been vanquished from the home by the wife/woman.

A man in every home is seen by his children as a figure that will always put everyone in their right places. If a child is misbehaving and hears that they would be reported to Daddy, there is always that caution in the air.

Except of course in a home where the man has been relocated to the background, and insulted and made a laughing-stock by his wife/woman in the presence of their children. The children unconsciously (except with the intervention of God) disregard the man and this is the beginning of disaster for that home.

Men Respect: Lose the Anger

As a man/husband, no matter your anger level, be careful the way you treat your wife/woman more so in the presence of your children or Man child.

The Children may think that that’s the right way to show power, and may grow up and unconsciously treat every woman in their lives using the same method.

They may also think that it’s of no use dating or going into any relationship because of the way they’ve seen their mother behave towards their father, this also may spell doom for that family.

In all fairness, not every man has the Godly fear to withstand the sharpness of a woman’s tongue, but he has the rights not to allow that tongue to control his actions, because he has a responsibility towards this man child and his children.

So Dear Men, respect yourselves and be careful the attitude you put up in the presence of your children, and more so for the sake of your Man-child.

Let’s get your thoughts on this. The Respectful Man.

But just as you may be smiling and thinking that it’s only the men that have the problems, check this out and also make your contributions. – Wives Respect Your Husbands For The Sake Of Your Daughters.


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