Pastor W F Kumuyi and the Idolatrous Christmas

Pastor F. W. Kumuyi
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Pastor W F KumuyiPastor W F Kumuyi during the Annual National December Convention of the Deeper Life Bible Church, which held at the church’s camp ground in Ogun State has warned its members that celebrating Christmas was Idolatrous and a SIN.

Hear Pastor W F Kumuyi: “We don’t celebrate Christmas. It actually came from idolatrous background. That is why you don’t hear us sing what they call Christmas carol. Never! We always say it is the December retreat. We are only gathering together because it is the holiday period and love the Lord more, and rededicate ourselves more.”

“When you find anybody coming in, or any leader, trying to introduce the idolatry of mystery Babylon, that they call Christmas and you want to bring all the Christmas carol saying that is the day that Jesus was born, and you don’t find that in the Acts of the Apostles or in the early church, then you don’t find that in the church either.  If you don’t know that before, now you know.”

The above ultrance or remarks made by Pastor W F Kumuyi have been making waves in Nigerian Christian Circles. VisionHub also carried an Opinion Article on this – Pastor W F Kumuyi: We celebrate Jesus Christ during Christmas!, here today, we have a contribution by Pastor Emmanuel Babalola.

Pastor W F Kumuyi and Christmas

“Perhaps Pastor W F Kumuyi didn’t go far enough because Sunday was the day the Romans worshiped the sun-god, Monday was for the moon, Friday for Frayer, Saturday for Saturn, etc.

Again, the Greek word translated Pharmacist is same word for Sorcerer because Sorcerers started medicine. Therefore, no Deeper Life members should practice Medicine or use medicine and they must carve out words for everyday of the week because all these have idolatry origins.

The point here is that while Christmas (Christ’s mass) used to be a pagan celebration, it was changed to Christ’s celebration when the Roman Empire declared Christianity as state religion. Today, we have a great opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and Christmas carols are all about Christ.

If Pastor W F Kumuyi has problems with how some people celebrate Christmas why can’t he teach his people to do it right. Apostle Paul preached on the Mass hill where all gods were worshipped.

Most people don’t even know that Christmas used to be a pagan celebration; so why resurrecting the evil long dead and buried?

In the words of TL Osborne, “Christ was not crucified in a Cathedral in-between two candles but outside in-between two thieves–that is where the gospel belongs.

I deeply appreciate the grace of God on Pastor W F Kumuyi and when I saw him preach on TV which he called the “Devil’s box” thereby forbidden his members from watching it, I thought things have changed. Jesus Christ didn’t practice monastic kind of holiness; He even allowed a woman to rob her head on His leg without committing sin – that is real holiness!”

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  1. I must say though that sometimes it is important to go to the root of somethings so we do not ignorantly serve mammon in our pursuit of worshiping GOD.
    The Xmas celebration has an evil foundation in fact it wasn’t Christians that coined the Christmas celebration, it was business men that wanted to make money out of the celebration that brought about the event…reminds me of buying and selling in the church…
    lets not be quick to find offense in men of GOD that are trying to be right with long as they do not preach falsely, correcting somethings that have the likelihood to be wrong shouldn’t bring about unprofitable discussion…

  2. The most important thing for me is to preach and teach the wisdom of God through Christ Jesus, and not apologetics and Church Doctrines. The problems we have in the World today vis a vis the Nigerian-styled Christianity is that personal and Church doctrines have some worth distorted the original message of God through Christ Jesus.

  3. I respect men of God, especially those that preach righteousness. Who am I to question God's revelation, anointing or grace upon his servants? After all, I was not there when these men of God were called. As I grow in my 'xtain faith, I found wisdom in not criticising them for my own good.

  4. I find it very amusing that when one preaches one thing he practices another.

    If you do not want, wish or teach your FOLLOWERS to be like other Christians and celebrate Christmas, why do put or schedule your Annual December Convention of the Church in the same period that the "Idolatrous" Celebration is carried out.

    Hear Pastor Kumuyi: "We always say it is the December retreat. We are only gathering together because it is the holiday period and love the Lord more, and rededicate ourselves more."

    This is same thing the Olden day Christians saw and decided to put the Celebration of the Birth of Christ in this same period.

    I don't want to say this is hypocrisy, except you just say so on my behalf!

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