given up on Christians

Explosive: I have given up on Christians.

I have given up on Christians. Why have I given up on Christians? What led to this? Find out and search your heart if you are not part of the causes.

MUST READ: Life Sucks, Do not get pissed off at this post

Hey, before you get pissed at this post, hear me out. No person is more anointed than the other, none can see the future, none can save their own lives...

Relationship is everything

Relationship is everything. Building concrete Relationship takes time. How do you manage work Relationship? Have you mastered hanging out with the Bosses?
Sandra and her flamboyant New York Rat

Sandra and her flamboyant New York Rat

Sandra and I have been having some great Fun, until her Rat come into the picture. Please Sandra, how did we get here naked and all rat out.
Sisi & Bobo

Bobo and Sisi and the Games of deceit!

The Game of deceit is sweet. Sisi decided to play Bobo and Bobo played Sisi. Find out How Bobo and Sisi managed to Game each other and if they succeeded.

Fear and the Principle of Abundance

Fearing the future is normal. Dealing with that fear is the trick. How do you deal with Fear in order to utilise the advantages of the Principal of Abundance?

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Teaching people to Speak in Tongues is ungodly.

Teaching someone to Speak in Tongues is ungodly. There is no Theological rigmarole on this. It is an act of wickedness and devilish behaviour to trick people to speak in Tongues. What does the Bible say about tongues? Can speaking in tongues be faked? How Important Is Speaking in Tongues to the Church? Let's Find Out