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Relationship is the greatest area or aspect that never grows old. Life is all about relationship. From inception to conception to delivery, the bond created and upheld by Relationship sees us through. The simple things of life begins in a small state of Relationship, and gradually blossoms into lasting Love, happiness etc. Here we take a look at Relationships and how to go about creating and upholding Our Relationships as it infers with our lives, Love and lifestyle, Family and Parenting and even discussions on Matter of the Heart as relates to Relationship, Relationship Breakups, and Relationship Advice etc. Learn to play important part in shaping people’s Relationships and life.

Sisi & Bobo

Bobo and Sisi and the Games of deceit!

The Game of deceit is sweet. Sisi decided to play Bobo and Bobo played Sisi. Find out How Bobo and Sisi managed to Game each other and if they succeeded.
Words from a sister

Help, I slept with my Sister’s Husband on Valentine’s Day

The story you are about to read is about a 26-year old Girl, who was insatiable with the help her  32-year old sister renders...
Temptation Boyfriend

Help! Can I marry my Mother’s Boyfriend?

When your closest confidant asks you this question, "Please can l be able to marry my mother’s boyfriend?" What would be your candid advice? Be Truthful...
Matured People woman

For Matured People: Impossible Is Stupid

This post is for Matured People, and only Matured People would understand its contents and the context of which it is written. "The truth is...

Help: I am in love with my ex-husband

Dealing with an ex-husband can be tiresome, likewise, dealing with an ex-wife can be like trying to get a camel through the eye of a needle. But when you decide to fall in love with your ex-husband, one wonders why you made him an ex in the first place.
Matured People woman

When A Woman Loves A Man

When a woman loves a man, she is more like a Slave to her Love. When a Woman closes her mind to Love, FEAR GOD!!

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Teaching people to Speak in Tongues is ungodly.

Teaching someone to Speak in Tongues is ungodly. There is no Theological rigmarole on this. It is an act of wickedness and devilish behaviour to trick people to speak in Tongues. What does the Bible say about tongues? Can speaking in tongues be faked? How Important Is Speaking in Tongues to the Church? Let's Find Out