Dance by Thomas Kelley

The effect of Music and Dance in African Culture and Religion

Culture and dance are very unique thing in Africa. How important is Culture to Us, and how do we preserve these cultures for our unborn children?

Should Politics be left to Non-Christians alone? A Never ending debate.

Should Christians be advised to get involved in politics? Should we abandon the affairs of Politics in the hands of people cannot even trust themselves? What’s your take on Christians and Politics?

When Inspiration Pours Like Sperm Into Your Mind

Do you need Inspiration? Relax and let Inspiration ejaculate (into your mind), fresh ideas that swims faster, looking for the best and fertile eggs..
Your Dressing is very important

Your Dressing To Church Determines Your Blessings From God

Your Dressing says a lot about you. So If you are going to church, would the dress be fit for purpose? Would the dress not be a distraction for someone?

Explosive: Sleeping During Church Service is not Demonic

We have become accustomed to demonism that we attribute everything that happens inside a church including sleeping during sermon to be demonic. Find out why
Be an Instrument

Lord make me an Instrument in Your hands: Are you sure?

Praying Lord Make me an Instrument in your hands is sweet, but how many of us are ready to go through the instrumentation preparation phases? Are you ready?

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Teaching people to Speak in Tongues is ungodly.

Teaching someone to Speak in Tongues is ungodly. There is no Theological rigmarole on this. It is an act of wickedness and devilish behaviour to trick people to speak in Tongues. What does the Bible say about tongues? Can speaking in tongues be faked? How Important Is Speaking in Tongues to the Church? Let's Find Out