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We all need food to grow each day. We also need a daily dose of the Word of God to grow in our daily Life.

Your Dressing is very important

Your Dressing To Church Determines Your Blessings From God

Your Dressing says a lot about you. So If you are going to church, would the dress be fit for purpose? Would the dress not be a distraction for someone?
Be an Instrument

Lord make me an Instrument in Your hands: Are you sure?

Praying Lord Make me an Instrument in your hands is sweet, but how many of us are ready to go through the instrumentation preparation phases? Are you ready?

Fast your Way to a Revelation: Fasting my problems away

Inspired by Olufunmilayo Yusuf Odunaike Fasting my problems away. So I go to Giwa Samosangudu. A renowned prophet. I tell him my problems. He advices...
Life as it comes

101 Things to discard from your Life this Year

Someone or a group is the problem you face: you must take responsibility. You must discard that thinking. Be a master of your destiny. You...
Praise God at all Times

The ONLY Power in Praise that Moves God.

Praise is Never Praise until you understand how to Praise God. You can’t Praise God without asking yourself some pertinent Questions on how best to approach God in Praise.
The Comforter. - Visionhub.org

Jesus Christ Our Saviour and Comforter

Jesus Christ Our Saviour, promised that He would send a Comforter to help us in the trials, cares, and temptations of life. Yet many do not understand the work of the Comforter or who He is. Are you among them? Find out who the comforter is and why you need Him.

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True Marriage is based on Happiness from within.

Happiness is one of the ingredients of true Marriage. Happiness is a State of mind that comes from within. It is not magical nor wishful thinking. Happiness is cultivated, nurtured and bears fruits. So what brings happiness to marriages? What can you consider as a true Marriage?