Christian Hospitality

What is the purpose of Christian Hospitality?

Everything we do in life has a purpose. As Christians, we should ask Ourselves, What the purpose of Christian Hospitality is. How Hospitable are you?
Modern Christian Hospitality

The Death of Modern Christian Hospitality.

Is Hospitality a way of life? Can we then say that Hospitality is gradually dying off as a result of Modern Christianity? What then is Christian Hospitality?
Christian Hospitality

Is Christian Hospitality a Dead Way of Life?

Christian Hospitality is DEAD, Dusted and Buried. If you doubt me, see what many people have been saying about Christian Hospitality and add your Voice too.
Man Politeness and Religion

What I Don’t Appreciate About Your Religion!!

What I Don't Appreciate About Your Religion speaks volumes. Don't wait till you turn Religious before appreciating the fact that Most Religion are Peaceful.
Renew Your Mind

Stop Right here and Renew Your Mind!

No matter how highly spiritual or Charismatic you are, you cannot serve God & walk in His ways if you do not constantly Renew Your mind. So Renew Your Mind.
Mental Health Issues

My Mental Health is Your Business.

My Mental Health is your Business, so help me to know when I am in the right track and when I am off the track. Mental Health Education is for all. Don’t shy away please.

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Teaching people to Speak in Tongues is ungodly.

Teaching someone to Speak in Tongues is ungodly. There is no Theological rigmarole on this. It is an act of wickedness and devilish behaviour to trick people to speak in Tongues. What does the Bible say about tongues? Can speaking in tongues be faked? How Important Is Speaking in Tongues to the Church? Let's Find Out