The church and the Nation has lost its focus

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The Nigerian ChurchHas the Church and the Nation Nigeria lost its Focus? These and many questions have been in the minds of everyone in this Nation.

Many Church Pastors, Clergy etc. has continuously failed the people. They continuously use both physiological and psychological gimmickry to deceive lots of people. The very essence of salvation has either been lost or relegated to the back and MONEY has take over in the order of things in their various ministries.

The Holy Bible states in the book of proverbs 14 vs 34 that ‘righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to a people’. Reproach is an expression of disappointment or failure. It means stagnation, retrogression and hopelessness.

Reproach defines hopelessness, squalor and visionlessness. A nation that is in reproach has its people wallowing in poverty. Infrastructure in that nation will be collapsed, security will be near zero and ethnic strife will be the order of the day.

A nation in reproach has visionless leaders, corrupt officers and a docile youth. The summary is that sin abound in a country in reproach.

The aim of Religion especially Christianity is to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. This gospel condemns sin. It preaches holiness, selflessness and truth. A people who truly practice Christianity will be like Christ: they will shun sin, love one another, shun violence, corruption and other vices.

Their nation will not be under reproach. Rather, they will flourish in riches and will earn the respect of other nations.

In Nigeria, the wave of Christianity especially Pentecostalism that has swept across the nation in the last twenty years is unprecedented. Our people in fact wear the cloth of religion and everybody identifies with one sect or the other.

In the Country, especially in the South, you will see a Church within every 200 meters. These Churches go by different names, some of them very frightening. They organize crusades, prayer meetings and various forms of conventions almost on weekly basis.

The Church and Religion

The religious wave in the Country is so bad that some folks do not engage in any form of work anymore except Church activities.

Despite the saturated presence of these Churches with their millions of members, the impunity in Nigeria is unparalleled. A recent statistics that I saw indicates that alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking has increase by 200% in Nigeria in the last ten years.

Armed robbery, kidnapping and governmental corruption are all increasing in geometric progression. Male and female prostitution is visible everywhere in Nigeria. Morality is zero.

People are kidnapped for ritual purposes almost daily and politicians steal money without blinking an eye. All these are happening in a country where churches are scattered all over.

The Nigerian Churches do not question sources of income. Civil servants are highest donors in the Church and the pastors pray for them for continues blessings. What then does the Churches preach? Do the clergy still preach salvation? Do they still condemn sin and remind folks of the consequences of sin? The answer is a big no.

The pastors tell the folks that Christ was made poor so that they can be rich. They tell them that Abraham’s blessings are theirs. They tell them give and it shall be given unto you, good measures, shaken together and running over. They tell them that it is not their portion to be poor.

While it is good to say all those sweet things to the congregation, the very essence of salvation has been lost. In a bid to be seen that they sow seed, give offerings and pay tithes, church folks who are basically Nigerians have been pushed into all kinds of atrocities. The public servants among then connive with politicians to steal from the treasury. Young men have been pushed into drug peddling, armed robbery and kidnapping and our ladies have become corporate prostitutes.

When Sin abound in the Church

Are you still wondering why our dear country is still underdeveloped despite the huge resources we have? Are you still wondering why infrastructure is till absent? Are you still wondering why education is in a sorry state? Do not wonder any more. The answer is simple: sin abound in the land. The churches have lost focus; in fact, I am tempted to say that the churches have failed us completely. Our nation is in reproach. Yes, we meet all the definitions of a country in reproach. We have lost almost every respect internationally.

You may ask what the solution may be. It is simple, very simple.

  • Let’s remove the garment of church and put on that of Christ.
  • Let every one of us, leader, politician, public servant, student, business man etc. be reminded that hard work and patriotism build a nation.
  • Let us respect the laws of the land and let the rule of law prevail.
  • Let us not ascribe our failures to the handwork of the devil and demons. The devil does not steal money from the treasury. The devil does not perpetrate armed robbery and kidnapping. No, humans like you and I do such.
  • Let’s take a resolve to rescue our country.

Nigeria’s continues deterioration despite the increasing number of churches! is written by Ikechi Gbenimacho. Follow him on Twitter

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