The Power of the Soulmate and the Missing Rib

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Is there anything like soulmate? Could there be any Logical explanation on the difference between soulmate and rib mate?

I might just throw in some little explanation on my understanding of Soulmate. Soulmate is just a way of making people happy and feel fulfilled.

Biblically speaking, there is never any mention of that in the Bible. Rib Mate on the other hand is meant is from the Biblical Adam.

Does this now mean that every soul is on its own?

Well the Bible said that the Soul that sinneth would die (Ezekiel 18:20), it didn’t say that the Mate of the Soul that sinneth would inherit the death of the soul because they are Soulmates.

I believe that God used Adam’s rib to form Eve (Genesis 2:4-3:24), so men should be looking for their lost rib instead of looking for souls that are individual in nature.

How do you find your Soulmate and Missing Rib?

How you know and how best you can find this ‘missing Rib’?

The Composition of the Soul

  • The Soul is an attribute of God and not shared.
  • Individuals comprise of the Body, Soul and Spirit.
  • It’s only part of the Body that was taken off a man, and literarily speaking, you can’t find it, because it was ONLY meant for Adam.

After Adam and Eve were CREATED by God, all men were BORN, so they have to go find a resemblance of an Eve.

You only have to work hard to get the rib in shape, after all, God did intense work on Adam to enable him have an Eve that he woke up and fell flat for.

But finding this Rib wasn’t meant to be hard? You may say, but remember that it wasn’t part of Man’s punishment.

Many people are patiently or otherwise, finding their Missing Ribs, but they have never cared to Work Hard to identify if at all they have a Rib that is missing. Abraham never waited to find his missing rib because he never lost any, but he TOOK a wife unto himself.

When his son – Isaac was of age to marry, he sent out message to where he wanted his son to marry, and made preparations.

Isaac did not lose any rib, but Abraham prepared him to find a woman whom he took in as a wife.

Should I look for a Soulmate or my Missing Rib?

Does it mean you don’t LOOK for your Soulmate or Missing Rib?

Since there is no confirmed Rib missing in all the children Born after the Creation of Humans by God, it simply means that once a man is of age to find a Wife, he MUST go look for a ‘Helpmeet’ as the Bible calls her.

Just as God cursed Adam and Eve and the Ground, it extended to everything that they touched their hands. The Curse by God extended to their offspring and everything they had control over.

When a Man attains the age of marriage. When he is sure that he is psychologically, physiologically, physically, financially ready to attain the ultimate responsibility as assigned by God, he should then start to look for a Helpmeet, both of them would now work together to form a family.

The process of working together is not going to be an easy one. Both of them would have to learn how to understand each other. They must learn to work in harmony for the betterment of their new family.

Was Eve a Soulmate or a Missing Rib?

Obviously, when Eve arrived from nowhere into Adam’s life, he started to study her, he taught her many things that he is used to, he took her round his surroundings and introduced her to all the creatures that he was in charge of.

They spoke to one another, just like Adam was used to doing with God. They had a rapport, and gradually understood each other. Both of them learnt how to listen and talk WITH each other.

For their Relationship to have blossomed, they LEARNT how to TALK with each other and not TALK AT EACH OTHER.

They learnt how to COMPLIMENT each other and Not command each other, but talk with each other.

They learnt how to Communicate with each other and not just make the other feel as if he/she is just a spectator in the show.

So in order to really understand the purpose of God in Man taking a Wife unto himself and the two shall become one (Mark 10:8), we need to do away with that thoughts of finding our Soulmate and Our missing Rib. We need to Biblically understand God’s stand on this matter.

There is no point searching for a Soulmate or the Missing Rib, all you as a woman need to do is to get yourself prepared to be taken as a Wife, and the man should concentrate on having the DEEP Sleep and thinking about ways to become Spiritually, Psychologically, Physiologically, physically, Mentally, Financially ready to take in a woman as a wife.

Written by Loveday Anyim
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