LIVE Twitter Party With Sandi Krakowski

Twitter Party with Sandi Krakowski
Sandi Krakowski, Top Social Media Influencer

Sandi Krakowski Twitter PartyJoin Sandi Krakowski Live for her Twitter Party!
According to the message on her Facebook Page: It is promised to be awesome.
To Join the Sandi Krakowski Twitter Party, please use the following Hash Tag: #livewithsandi, or keep this page open to see all the twitter interactions!!!

Sandi Krakowski Twitter Party Time and Venue

Time: 10 am ET or 15:00 Hrs GMT. | Venue: Twitter Party Page of @sandikrakowsk

Twitter Party Words of Wisdom: Sandi Krakowski

How do we overcome failure & mistakes? LOVE! Love trumps all! Super control & putting people in bondage doesn’t! Love breaks the chains!
Learn the Wisdom of the Web, How to develop a great relationship with your Brand and your target Audience, etc.

Sandi Krakowski is a Business Consultant, a Marketing Consultant, A Facebook Marketing and PPC Expert,  Speaker, Author, Dreamer, Lover of God and People.

She has been featured more than once as one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers, and a Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers in the Word by the Forbes Magazine. Sandi Krakowski has through her Company – A Real Change, made an Impact in the Lives of Many.

To crown it all, She has been featured in Forbes Top 20 Social Media and Spiritual Influencer!
She not only has great Business Acumen, but she does not forget God in all her Business Dealings. She preaches God and shows you the way to achieve your Business objectives.

Hear Sandi Krakowski’s own words:

“People ask all the time, “Did you make your millions teaching people? I mean seriously… where is the proof?” and I am SO GLAD they do! Because yes, there are some people who unfortunately are teaching others how to create wealth who have NEVER created wealth the good ole fashioned way… selling a product or service to do so.”

More about Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski one of the World’s Top Social Media Influencers. She is Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer, Spiritual Influencer, Facebook Marketing & PPC Expert, Dreamer, Consultant, Author, Lover of God & People!

Now stand by and enjoy the Sandi Krakowski Twitter Party as they happen LIVE!!! See More about Sandi below the Twitter Party Area.

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  1. Wow this september 14 shall be a great day. Men shall come from four corners of the earth to honour this invitation in Jesus Name. Amen. I also thank God for the success of my own Album launch on saturday 29th June 2013. TITLED; REDEEMING YOUR TIME. HIT TRACK : IBU OMENMA. Call this number 08061152522 and Grab your copy Now. My first track is YOU'RE MY DESIRE.

  2. She has the God factor in her business, She can not say a Business word without mentioning God and her Love for God.
    Join Sandi Krakowski Live on twitter for the Twitter Party.

    Not on Twitter? Don't Worry, visit the page below and keep it open to see all the Tweets LIVE. Learn from a Woman of God who has made it in Business.

  3. Sandi Krakowski is a great Business Influence, and I want you all you join in the Twitter Party and enjoy #livewithsandi.
    Hear some great messages/words of Wisdom from her Facebook Page:

    "Surround yourself with those who bring out the BEST version of you! It makes all the difference! Social media can connect you with these people!"

    This is the KIND of Person I want you all to follow and learn from!

  4. Sandi Krakowski has been a great influence to me since I got in contact with her page on Facebook.

    I have learnt a lot of strategic Business Ideas that any Business School would not teach you. Join Sandi today on her Twitter Party and ask any Questions what so ever you wish to ask about Social Media and Business.

    Remember, Sandi does not Joke with god, God has been her influence in her Business empire. Let learn from this.

    To participate, please use the #livewithsandi to interact! #livewithsandi all the way!

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