Why is Christianity incomplete?

Why is Christianity incomplete? Visionhub.org
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I know it came as a rude shock to you when we introduced you to the fact that Christianity is incomplete. We further told you that it means that Christianity is incomplete without Christ. Our lives as Christians are incomplete if we don’t have Christ in Us.

We need the Power of God to complete our incompleteness. Therefore, we must build a life of prayer, to get the power of Christ manifested in us. We should always pray that God would give us the power of prayers so that we can manifest His Power.

Until Jesus returned in the Power of the Holy Spirit, His ministry could not start. Likewise, we should return in the power of God’s spirit to enable us manifest.

When you are with Jesus (focused on Jesus).

  1. Power rubs off on you.
  2. When power comes, your fame will announce you.
  3. People will begin to ask who you are. (Acts 3: 12 – 15)
  4. You cannot be with Jesus and be shamed.
  5. By the power of Jesus that operates in your life, the enemy will never shame you. (Acts 4: 8 – 12)
  6. When the Holy Ghost power comes upon you, confidence, boldness will come upon you.

You can have strength but not have Power, but you cannot have Power and have no strength.

  1. If you want to prevail over that Power that has been holding you down, you need the power of God.
  2. If you live in the consciousness of the power of God in your life, the enemy will be far from you.

Since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Normal Situations ceased to exist. You can only use the power of the Holy Spirit to bring Normal Situations (normalcy) out of abnormality.

The devil does not want normal situations to exist, but with the Power of God, we will overcome him. (Psalms 66:9).
Every believer stands on two (2) pillars.
(a.) The Word of God.
(b.) The Power of God.

We must ask God for spiritual breakthrough (Eph 1:3) and always go for the word of God, for His Word will push up your breakthrough.

It’s important that we note that Heaven’s treasure is not for FREE, there is always a price tag. (Isaiah 55:1-10). The question now is:

What is the Price Tag?

  1. Purity is essential. Your life must be pure.
  2. You must have a life of Prayer. Prayer is the only way we can access God’s presence.
  3. You must live your life with a consciousness of your spiritual status.
  4. A life of peace. God can only operate in a peaceful life.
  5. You must be meek.
  6. You must be Holy.

This list is not exhaustive, but we need to examine our lives each day and live our lives with the consciousness that Jesus Christ might come any day.

The problem is that we always want God to do everything for us, but we have forgotten that God has given us all powers. We only just need to SPEAK, and He honours it.

Finally, we should not allow the death of Christ on the cross of Calvary to be in vain. May we find grace in God to exercise His power in us, for Christianity is incomplete without God, and we MUST tap into the Power of God.

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