Wives Respect Your Husbands For The Sake Of Your Daughters

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Dear wives, I want to plead with you to “Respect your Husbands“, even if it’s for the sake of your Daughters.

Many women do not respect their Men because they have come to the erroneous teaching that Respect is a currency that must be earned.

Now I don’t want you to launch into the deep thoughts and arguments that a man needs to earn his respect or even enter into the counter arguments of “If a man does not provide for his home, he is worst than….” 1 Timothy 5:8

I don’t want to dabble into that, because the same Bible you quoted did not say that the man should lose respect because of his TEMPORARY inabilities.

This does not mean that the man should just fold his arms and expect the Heavens to work and send the proceeds to his bank account. But this calls for a serious evaluation of your thought process to know and understand that it’s only a temporary setback.

Now back to reality, when we hammer about Respect, it’s not about taking away your rights, but teaching and preserving the young minds (in a family setting) for the future.

It’s so funny when wives disrespect their husbands in the presence of their daughters and expect the daughters to turn out very excellent in manners.

Respect: The Ultimate Foundation

Listen, the foundation you lay for your children may affect them either positively or negatively.

In fact, I am not going to use “may”, so that you won’t be thinking that you have an option. That foundation will definitely affect them until they mature individually and have a mind of their own.

I have written severally that children, especially daughters must be protected by their parents. You as a parent MUST be careful with your words and conducts in the presence of your children.

Wives must be careful the way and manner you treat your husbands in the presence of your Daughters, likewise husbands must be careful of the way their treat their wives in the presence of their sons.

If you ever challenge your husband all the time, or Lord over him, your Daughters may think that that’s the way of life and are likely to also become cultured in that lifestyle.

Respect: Danger to the Society

The danger is that they may not be aware that as Couples, you have a way of settling your quarrels inside your bedroom, under the sheets, so when they get into Relationships, they might use same method and it becomes dangerous.

The results may be constant breakups, inability to hold on to long-term respectable relationships, abuse, etc.

Now I would also like you to note that the ‘results’ quoted above does not necessarily mean as a result of disrespect to one’s partner, several factors can turn a very pious or respectable person into a monster etc.

In all you do as a Parent or an adult, always know that what you do and the way you behave around your children affects them and even other, with or without you being present.

As wives, show good and godly example, and as husbands, also show godly leadership example to your children and the greater Society.

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